Perry Marshall - April 17, 2024

Episode 137 – The First Response

Join Jay Ewing and Perry Marshall as they discuss Nehemiah chapter one. They focus on the importance of prayer, looking at the example of Nehemiah’s own prayer. They highlight praying as a first response and talk about ways we can deepen our own prayers. While the book is named after Nehemiah, they talk about how God is the ultimate hero of this story and emphasizing his role in restoration and redemption. 00:00 - Introduction 00:55 - The Church and Technology 02:02 - God is the Hero of the Story 04:00 - Nehemiah’s Contemparies 05:35 - Staying Faithful in Exile 07:35 - Repentance in Light of Judgement 10:04 - Nehemiah’s Heart for Jerusalem 13:59 - Nehemiah’s Prayer/Learning How to Pray 21:20 - Connecting Nehemiah’s Prayer to Daniel’s Prayer 22:47 - Bringing the Lesson’s from Nehemiah Into Everyday Life 25:00 - Steps to Deepen Your Prayers 28:23 - Looking Ahead to the Rest of Nehemiah Like always, you can write us at We’d love to hear your thoughts and questions. You can also fill out this online Connect Card to get in touch with us.

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