An Exalted Vision of Jesus

If your only vision of Jesus is Him gently holding a lamb in his arms, or looking compassionately over a hillside feeding the 5,000, or worse, of a dashboard bobblehead good-luck charm, you definitely need a new vision of the living Christ!  They say familiarity breeds contempt, and I worry there is a tendency to reduce our ideas of Jesus only to what we appreciate most about Him for our own comfort and consolation.

Sure enough, the gospels show us a Jesus who is humble, gentle, and loving to a degree never known to mankind. From birth to death His existence was marked by humiliation, service, and suffering. And this, all for our gain. Thank you, Lord Jesus. But we should remember that there is more to Jesus than our vision of His life on earth. He is coming again a second time in glory and exaltation as a conquering King to be served and worshipped by all the kingdoms of this world.

Revelation chapter 1 gives us an apocalyptic picture of who Jesus is today in heaven. Face to face with the Ancient of Days. Of the same power and authority as God our Father, because He too is God. He is dressed in royal and high priestly garments. His white hair speaks to His ageless wisdom and knowledge of all things. His eyes like a flame of fire pierce every darkness and perceive every reality. His feet are burnished bronze, conveying the authority of his judgments. His voice drowns out all other voices. His Word goes forth with unstoppable power to accomplish both salvation and judgment. He radiates the glory of God as the sun shining at full strength.

No wonder John collapsed to the ground at the sight of Him. He is the Alpha and Omega. Who is and who was and who is to come. He is the Almighty. To Him belong glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen!  We need this vision of Jesus today.

But not to make us fearful. Jesus reached out His strong right arm and touched John, lifting him back on his feet. He remains gentle. Then He spoke kind words to him: “Stop being afraid. I am who I am. The eternal One. I am alive forevermore. You must fear nothing, not even death itself. I have authority over all things. Over you. Over my Church. Over all the world.”

This Jesus, standing among His churches, gives a word to them in Revelation chapters 2 and 3. He sees them as they are, and knows what they are going through, and instructs them how to remain faithful until He comes. We must worship each week believing that Jesus is with us. We are His church. What might Jesus say to us? How would He encourage us? Correct us? Strengthen us?

Let’s pray together for Calvary to be faithful to our Living Christ. And let’s keep alive and fresh the exalted vision of His majesty and authority over our lives. He’s coming soon!

With you on the journey,