A new year is always the perfect time to renew our commitment to the most important things. We know what to do to restart better habits for our body; but do we know exactly what will renew a deeper life for our soul? It is this: saturation with the Word of God. Job...

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A Hope-Filled Christmas

I put my Christmas lights up the day before Thanksgiving. This annual chore is normally not performed until December 1, on principle. But this year, it seemed right to hasten a new season into existence. I took some grief from the neighbors, but by the end of the...

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Highs and Lows

Have you ever played the game “highs and lows?” It’s a great way to connect with others as everyone shares their high and low points of their day, week, or year. This season has been filled with both ups and downs for us all. There have been highs and lows within our...

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