Middle School Serve Denver Trip

Our Middle School Ministry is creating a serving trip to Denver. This trip is for middle school students and one of their parents. Middle school is a great time for students to be introduced to new cultures and to meet people with needs different from their own. It is powerful when parents have front-row seats for these experiences.


The trip is designed for a middle school student and one of his/her parents to serve together. The pair can be same gender or opposite gender (mom/daughter, mom/son, dad/son, dad/daughter).


Trip | November 8-10
Training Days | 1-3pm | Sept 29, Oct 6, Oct 20 & Nov 3 at the Erie campus
* Training Days are mandatory


$300 per pair // student + adult = $300 total
Price includes lodging, food, training materials and on-site experiences


Registration closes September 20

Registration & Refund Policy

The deposit amount is non-refundable for all registrations

The deposit amount for MSM Serve Trip is $100

Refunds, excluding the deposit, are available until 2 weeks before the trip
No refunds will be issued within 2 weeks of the trip


Spots Available

11 spots for pairs of student/parent are available.



City Service Mission
We are partnering with an organization called City Service Mission (CSM). CSM provides groups with an opportunity to serve through local ministries that have a year-round presence in their communities. Every trip is joined by one of CSM’s resident staff. They handle the specific details (from directions to meals) while you have the opportunity to whole-heartedly serve. CSM Staff live year-round in the city they serve in. They’ve formed relationships with the ministries we partner with, and you become a vital link as these ministries depend on the volunteers CSM provides to remain a vibrant presence in Denver. The sites we serve at will be chosen by our CSM staff person and based on present need.


We will be using the book When Helping Hurts and materials from CSM to prepare for the trip. We will have the books ready for you when you register.


We will be staying at a church in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Denver. There will be one large room for females and one large room for males. There are bathrooms and showers on site at the church.

Packing List from CSM

1. Bedding 
a. Sleeping bag, pillow, sleeping mat or blow up mattress
b. Pillow 


2. Personal toiletries (towels, soap, shampoo…) 


3. Bible, pen, + journal 


4. Clothing – several outfits that can get dirty and/or painted on and are comfortable to work in
a. Long pants are required at many sites. Please pack at least two pairs of long pants. CSM suggests strongly against wearing leggings as pants.
b. No tank tops or sleeveless tops. Shirts must be long enough to raise arms without exposing midriff or underwear.
c. Casual church clothes, if attending a service
e. Leather work gloves-if scheduled for a work site 

5. Closed-toe shoes 


6. Reusable water bottle
7. Optional items:
a. Fans
b. Money for CSM t-shirts ($12 each), ice cream, or souvenirs 

What Not to Bring

1. Anything that is not replaceable or has significant value (jewelry, etc)
2. A lot of money – we recommend about $30 as spending money for participants
3. Short shorts or shirts, tank tops, tight clothing
4. Drugs, alcohol, knives, guns, weapons of any kind, etc.

Cell Phone Policy from CSM
Participants are not permitted to use their cell phones at ministry sites and phones should be left at the housing site each day. At the housing site, cell phone usage is up to the group leader. Leaders should keep their phones with them.