MTN is a day-long adventure trip designed to spark meaningful conversations about faith, family, friends and life during the middle school years.


Each student/adult pair will start at your campus (Boulder, Erie & Thornton) at 8am. After check-in, you will set off for an all day mission oriented adventure. The experience will be something like The Amazing Race meets a progressive dinner. We will have a combination of pre planned missions and some destinations will be picked by you during MTN. For every mission and at each destination, you will be provided with conversation guides. We have designed MTN 2020 to end around sunset/dinner.



We have 3 different Saturday’s available for you to choose from:
September 19
September 26
October 3


This year there is added flexibility to who can participate. We want you to have the flexibility to choose the option that best fits your family.

If one parent wants to attend with two middle school students, sweet! If a mom and dad want to take two middle school students on the same weekend, fun! If a dad and mom want to take their one middle school student on MTN on back to back weekends, do it! Basically, we want MTN 2020 to fit your family context and be awesome for you.

Additionally, family structure does not look the same for everyone. MTN is also for students who would benefit from an adventure with an uncle, aunt, mentor, family friend, or guardian.



$20 per pair |
Price includes 2 MTN t-shirts (one shirt for every participant) and all the materials needed for MTN

(We can guarantee the right size of shirt if you register by September 4, 2020)

During MTN Costs: All of these will be determined by you during MTN
Snacks & Treats
Meals: Lunch & Dinner


Registration & Refund Policy

Registration for September 19 ends on September 12
Registration for September 26 ends on September 19
Registration for October 3 ends on September 26

There is no deposit – the registration cost of $20 is a non-refundable deposit

There will be no refunds this year


We have designed MTN 2020 to start at your respective campus (Boulder, Erie & Thornton) at 8:00am and go where your MTN adventure takes you. Our plan is for you to end in some mountainous location.


It will be important to have a fully charged cell phone to access the scavenger hunt.

 Help us create a shared experience by sharing your MTN 2020 moments on instagram and facebook by hashtagging #calvarymt