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Tom Shirk - January 7, 2024


Scripture References: Colossians 3:12-17

From Series: "Flourish"

Our world is more divided than ever, filled with suspicion, distrust, isolation, and loneliness. How would Jesus live and love in our time now? He was drawn to the broken and loved them. He called the sick and healed them. He fed the hungry. He raised up the downcast and spoke the rebuke of truth to the proud. This was the work the Father gave Him to do so that all could know God so loved the world. God and His gospel tell a better story. There is a pure and perfect love that flows from the heart of God to broken people and restores the damage of our loveless world. God is love and we cannot flourish without Him. In His love we can form relationships that make life beautiful and discover the love required to help them grow deep. We want to learn to love like Jesus. Love was His mission. Love is our calling. We cannot flourish without it.

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