Jay Ewing - December 3, 2023

Advent – Day 1

Advent Readings & Prayer

Join us for Advent this year! We'll have daily readings and prayer to center our hearts on Jesus as we celebrate his coming. Advent is an invitation to slow down, remove some clutter, say “no” to a few more things, and ponder the most remarkable Christmas story ever told. The incarnation, the God-man, came down to save us, even when we didn’t know we needed saving. He took on flesh from the beginning stages of creation and moved into our neighborhood.  Advent is how the church has always tried to have a Christ-soaked Christmas. To prepare our hearts again for the story of Jesus coming to save us, humbling himself as a helpless baby, and taking on our responsibility for sin and death. Advent is the invitation to declutter the season, reflect on Jesus’ incredible story, and make this Christmas one of the best ever.

Scripture References: Hebrews 9:26-28

From Series: "Advent Readings & Prayer"

Each day in Advent join Pastor Jay for reading and prayer. We hope this daily practice helps prepare your hearts as we celebrate Jesus’ first coming and look forward to his second.

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