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Developing men through mentoring relationships so that they can thrive in their family, work, and community


Life got you a little overwhelmed? Busy? Just tired of trying to figure out how to balance all the competing priorities in life? Maybe you’re asking yourself how to be a better parent? Better husband? Maybe you have a wild business idea?!? A ministry idea? Or you are faced with the Abominable Snowman at work and want some outside advice on how to respond in a godly manner? Why tackle all the fourteeners of life by yourself? Ask for help, seek out wisdom and pursue the input and the encouragement that another person has to offer.

LifeChangers is designed to connect people that could be best suited to help you overcome the barriers in your world so you can be freed up to become all God has created you to be.


Who are the people that have MARKED you? Who are the people that have assisted you along your journey to make you the per-son you are today? Maybe it was your father, maybe a boss, a co-worker or a Sunday School teacher. Most likely someone has given you their time, love and attention to help you overcome obstacles in life and walked alongside of you to ensure you finish the race well.

There are men at Calvary who could benefit from rubbing shoulders with you as you offer to them what you’ve experienced in your life. We are looking for quali-fied men that want to commit to meeting two to four times a month with another man who is working through an issue (s) in life and could benefit from someone who has “been there done that and I’ve got something to share”.

Join LifeChangers as a Mentor and be available to help an-other man reach their goals, dreams and aspirations. We’ll provide some training on the process, be available for input along the way as we connect you to someone in the church.


1. Apply

Both Mentees (people who want input in their lives) and Mentors need to submit an application

Contact LifeChangers to receive an paper application.

2. Attend a Training Session

The LifeChangers Team will assign people to one another based upon their backgrounds and needs

Training dates will be posted on the LifeChangers page

The training covered in 8 short videos prepares both mentors and mentees to get the most out of their shared experiences. Videos 1–4 covers the vision of this new initiative called “LifeChangers”, the nature of mentoring, the necessary skills, and role expectations. Videos 5-7 cover the four phases of your mentoring relationship. All 8 videos will be covered before you begin your mentoring relationship and we encourage mentors and mentees to revisit the training videos throughout the program to better help their success.

Kickoff Video Segments

In this segment the participant is introduced to the LifeChangers Mentoring Initiative.

The Nature of Mentoring
In this video clip valuable distinctions are made between discipling and mentoring, as well as formal vs informal mentoring.

Mentoring Skills
In this segment mentoring skills common to both mentor and mentee are highlighted and expanded upon.

Key Expectations for Mentors
Key Expectations for Mentees
In this portion expectations for both mentees and mentors are noted, with encouragement for the pairs that are just forming.

The First Two Phases of Mentoring
Details are noted here to guide participants through making the initial connection and creating both a Mentoring Agreement and Development Plan.

Phase Three – Enabling Growth
This clip focuses on helpful elements to navigate this key phase, including journaling, spiritual development, and feedback.

Phase Four – Closure
This segment delineates the aspects of this phase unique to the formal mentoring process.

3. Meet with, develop a friendship and serve one another in a mentoring relationship

For more information or to be apart of a mentoring pair please email LifeChangers with your name and contact information and someone from the mentoring team will be in contact soon.

4. Resources: Toolbox Talks

Trusting God in Hard Times
This 24-minute talk focuses on how God sovereignly moves in our trials and provides 5 skills to help us replace confusion, anger and pain with His sweet peace.

Dealing with Failure
This talk discusses both “everyday failure” and “crash and burn” failure, focusing on five principles to turn that failure from being destructive to constructive. Listen.

This 35 minute talk focuses on the importance of seeking humility and forsaking pride. It discusses the benefits of the former, and the liabilities of the latter in God’s economy. It characterizes what humility is, and what it is not. It also provides four practical suggestions for how to grow our humility quotient. Listen.

Obeying God – How to Keep Your Spiritual Car on the Right Road
This talk examines our propensity to make bad choices and how to activate the power of God on our behalf. It examines three things we can do to get better at obeying God.

Watch Values and Priorities
This talk provides ways to discover and establish our unique values from a variety of our life experiences. It then introduces the concept of a “value filter” to use in setting priorities. This process helps us to avoid the “tyranny of the urgent” and instead turn our prioritized values into practice.

Watch Sexual Purity
This talk refers to what is often called “Every Man’s Battle” and draws on the book with the same name. The good news is the battle is winnable, if one wants to change bad habits. The talk covers several defenses for the eyes, mind, and heart in order to achieve sexual purity.

Corporate HR – Sexual Misconduct
In this 20 minute audio segment, Tiffany Brodie speaks both from a woman’s and HR perspective on lust, pornography, and sexual misconduct in the workplace.

Watch Spiritual Leadership
This talk builds on the sexual purity talk and focuses on two approaches to “letting the Word of Christ dwell in you richly.” It grows from there toward spiritual leadership in the home, focusing on family devotions, individual prayer, and praying with our wives and families.

How to Manage Money God’s Way | Dangers of and Escaping from Debt
The first of these two talks is about 30 minutes and utilizes two handouts that focus on God’s principles for money management as described by the Apostle Paul in his “thank-you” letter to the Philippians, focusing on the last half of Chapter 4. This talk shows how both the Old and New Testament outline the same planning for giving to God that is different than “tithing.” The second talk is about 25 minutes and focuses on how and why to avoid the dangers of credit card debt, documents the ten most common financial mistakes people make, and ends with an encouraging discussion about saving for the future, including the Rule of 72.
Handouts: Tithing | Biblical Financial Principles


This 20-minute talk lays out the two biblical truths upon which a proper outlook on our circumstances is based. It then highlights the benefits that accrue to us when we embrace this godly perspective, relating to internal peace and a right way to relate to others.