Joyful and generous. This is how the Bible describes giving. There is no better way to celebrate Jesus’ birth than this.

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Joyful and generous. This is how the Bible describes giving. We live in a world where Christmas has become focused on consumption rather than it being a time to celebrate and remember the coming of Christ. Over ten years ago Calvary made an intentional decision to look at ways we could bless our communities and the world by doing without so that we could give; give more of ourselves, give more of our time to others, and give more financially to impact the world. Year after year we see the people of Calvary being both joyful and generous in their giving through the Heart of Advent. This is a reflection of the heart of a God who loved us so much that he gave his son to us. There is no better way to celebrate Jesus’ birth than this.

This year we are once again calling the church to joyful generosity! We desire as followers of Christ to be generous with our time, talents, and treasures. Joyful generosity is a benchmark of a maturing follower of Christ (2 Corinthians 9:6-15). The Lord has been leading the church to care for those who are in need this year by focussing on three areas: Afghan refugees, STEP seminary in Haiti, and local partners in each of our three communities. 

Afghan Refugees

Core Teams
It is our desire to come alongside refugees from Afghanistan who are here in Colorado. 24 people from Calvary have committed their time over the next nine or more months to developing friendships with three Afghan refugee families who will be starting a new life in Colorado. These Core Teams will be mentoring families as they search for jobs, enroll kids in school, learn to navigate the city, and understand American culture. We get to learn from them as well as they share their culture and experiences. Be praying for these mentors and families as they learn and develop relationships together.

Home should be a place where you are protected, fed, comforted, and refreshed. These refugee families lost their homes and everything in them when they fled Afghanistan. We want to help them create a new home by helping to furnish and fill an apartment with everything they need to start a new life here –  everything from forks and spoons to pillows and beds. These items can be gently used or new.

We will also be raising funds for these three refugee families to help supplement the cost of rent and other needs until they are able to find jobs and support themselves on their own.

*Click to see a list of needed items and to sign up to donate.

STEP Seminary in Haiti

For many years STEP Seminary in Haiti has been one of our trusted partners. They raise pastors and leaders to minister in Haiti and have continued to do so even despite a number of issues they have encountered recently. As a nation they have undergone COVID, earthquakes, gang violence, the assassination of their president, and even fuel shortages. This last year they had to leave their seminary campus which is situated in a more dangerous area of Port-au Prince because it was overrun by gangs. But despite all these barriers, by God’s grace, they have continued to minister faithfully and enrollment is even up at STEP seminary.

As a church we have an opportunity to partner with STEP by giving, praying, and continuing to invest in our relationship with them.

One of the ways in which we can continue to share in this work is by strategically investing in future leaders at their seminary. With professors phasing out and aging out, there is a need to develop new leaders to replace them. STEP has identified multiple leaders who are invested in the program and who could serve as future leaders and professors at the Seminary. Calvary will be supporting three of these students as they move into further seminary education for their strategic development.

Also, we will be hosting a retreat for the leaders of the seminary here in Colorado in 2022. The demands of ministry on the leaders of STEP have been intense. So this is a time for them to be refreshed and to grow our relationship with the leadership of the seminary. We pray that they can get rest, be encouraged, and go back with renewed energy to minister.

We are so grateful to be able to share in this work as a church through our relationship with the seminary, prayer, and giving of our resources to see God’s Kingdom grow in Haiti through STEP seminary.

Local Partners

Each campus of Calvary will also have local ministry partners in addition to these church-wide initiatives.


Thank you for helping restock EFAA’s shelves! A special thank you to the Middle School ministry for leading this effort!


Erie Uplink Stockings: Erie Uplink is a local organization that provides Tiger Packs (backpacks full of food and essential items) to over 100 low-income kids in Erie schools . During the Christmas season, Calvary is helping to fill stockings with small gifts to go home with these students in their December Tiger Packs. All the stocking have been filled, thank you!


Perfect Holiday Gift allows you to help bring joy to a local family in Thornton this Holiday season by providing meals and gifts for those in need. If you or your Life Group are interested in coming alongside one or more of these families go to and select “Provide Meals” or “Provide Gifts”. Here you will be able to select a family or a list of grocery items to shop for. To learn more visit their website or contact

This Christmas we want to practice joyful generosity at Calvary. We have an opportunity as the church to step outside our walls and invest in the larger global community and demonstrate the love of God through by giving of our time, talents, and finances. Please be praying how you can your family can give during this season of Advent.

This button redirects you to our giving page. After filling in the amount of your gift click the drop down menu that says “General” and select “Heart of Advent.”