CONNECT & SERVE EXPO (Submit by July 25)

Request a project for the Connect & Serve Expo.

We now have postcard templates available! You can use those to set up all the information for your event and we’ll print it for you. You still need to fill out this form to add it to our printing queue. Click here to access the templates.

EVENT WEB REGISTRATION (3 week lead time)

Request a page on Calvary’s website with registration through Planning Center.

BULLETIN ANNOUNCEMENT (1 week lead time)

Request an announcement in the Sunday mobile bulletin.

DESIGN + PRINT (2 to 3 week lead time)

2 Weeks: Simple graphics and print jobs we can print at Calvary.
3 Weeks: Complex graphics and print jobs that have to be ordered from an outside vender.*

Need a graphic designed or something printed for your ministry or an upcoming event?

*Please note that we can usually deliver projects requiring outside printing or production in three weeks. However, depending on the project and vender it may take longer.

WEBSITE UPDATE (2 week lead time)

Do you need something updated or added on Calvary’s website?


If I fill out an event registration form and want posters/postcards, do I still have to fill out a design + print request?
Yes, the design + print form takes you through a process to let us know print numbers you need and the sizes of each poster/postcard.

If I’m planning an event that is free or doesn’t require online registration, how do I get it added to the events page at
Fill out a website update form and let us know the details for your event.

What do I do If I want something in Sunday’s bulletin but realized I missed the weekly deadline?
Email to discuss options for promotion.



Que up a conversation to start a new minstry or study at Calvary.