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Biblical Communities on Mission

Facilitating a LifeGroup

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Questions and answers

What is a LifeGroup?
LifeGroups are small gatherings that meet to discuss the sermon, pray, enjoy community, and serve. Unlike a Sunday morning class, most groups meet in homes during the week at a time and place where each group decides what is best.
Why LifeGroups?

We believe spiritual growth happens when we are intentional about being in relationships with other people who love Jesus. Every LifeGroup is ideally suited to model what we call Biblical Communities on Mission. These are communities of people committed to learning and applying God’s Word, caring for each other’s needs, and demonstrating the love of God by serving together outside the group.

Who's in a LifeGroup?

Anyone, really: singles, couples, and families. Each group has several basic roles within it—a facilitator who guides the discussion and prayer time; a host who helps create a hospitable environment (sometimes the same person as the facilitator); and participants who are there to grow in their love for Jesus and each other.

How do I get into a LifeGroup?
Click the here to express your interest in being in a group and help us learn a bit about you so that we can find the best option. We’ll be in touch once we hear from you!
What if I am new to the church?

We would love to meet you in-person on one of our three campuses or on Zoom to help connect you with a LifeGroup. You can sign up for Coffee on Zoom to meet someone from our staff who will help you.

How do I start a LifeGroup?
There’s no single formula for how LifeGroups are formed, but there is a process. Fill out this form to let us know you are interested in starting a group. If possible, include the names of people who you think would be a part of the group. Facilitators and hosts go through a training process to prepare them to lead and love well.
What about my kids?
LifeGroups have used different approaches with childcare, depending on the number and ages of children in the group. Some have arranged to hire babysitters for all of the kids in the group. Others have set up a weekly rotation where a couple adults take turns caring for the children. Groups have even used the time as an opportunity to help their kids learn more about the gospel. Our Calvary Kids team has instructional resources available to help.


Check out a sample facilitator weekly discussion guide and learn more about the facilitator role.