6th Grade Promotion
“Kidnap” Breakfast

We want to welcome your student into the Middle School Ministry! With your permission, we will be coming by your home (at a way too early time) to “kidnap” your incoming 6th grade student. Then all of the families (your entire family is invited) will gather at the church for a welcome breakfast. Shhhhhh…It’s a Surprise


Sunday, May 19
“Kidnap” | Usually starts around 4am
All Family Breakfast | 7:15am – 8:30am


“Kidnap” is from your home and the Breakfast will be at the Erie campus


$15 per family

Food will be provided for your entire family and includes breakfast burritos, donuts & fun!



Is this a surprise for students?
Maybe. Our goal is for this event to be fun for every student. You know better than we do what will be fun for your student. This means you get to decide how many details you share and if this event is a surprise.

What happens during the “kidnap”?
This year you get to influence the celebration.

Option 1 = We do not go inside your home. Our leaders (and students) will gather on your front porch, ring the door bell and welcome your student with a short and fun ceremony. After the welcome, your student will load into the church 15-passenger van and participate in welcoming the next student on their route.

Option 2 = Everything in Option 1 + a few leaders enter your home and serenade your student with a creative morning song.

Is the breakfast for our entire family?
YES! We want to see your entire family at 7:15am for breakfast

What happens at the breakfast?
The incoming class of students will eat all together in the Student Ministry Room while the families gather in the Lobby. The breakfast will be a great opportunity for you to meet your student’s future Mayhem leaders, talk with other families and hear some thoughts on parenting during the season of middle school season.

Additional Questions: cbarnes@calvarybible.com