Building Christ-centered communities of kids and families


To build Christ-centered communities of kids and families fully devoted to loving God and others. 



Give kids and families the opportunity to kindle a love and honor for God and His Word.


Give kids and families the opportunity to invest in serving and loving others, like Jesus.


Give kids the opportunity to dedicate their lives to, and live for, Christ.


Give kids and families a “God squad” of people (parents, friends, leaders, etc.) to journey with.


Partnering with Parents | Safety Conscious | Biblically Based | Culturally Relevant | Relational | Fun

Partnering with Parents (Deuteronomy 6:4-9)

We value parents as the primary spiritual nurturers and faith trainers of their children. We strive to support parents in this role by encouraging and equipping them to spiritually lead their families.

Safety Conscious (Mark 10:13-16)

We value having an uncompromising safety standard that includes a thorough screening process for all leaders, consistent facility safety checks, and established policies and procedures.

Biblically Based (2 Timothy 3:16-17)

We value the Word of God as our primary source of curriculum. Our desire is to get kids and families into the Word and get the Word into kids and families. We value children bringing and using their own Bibles to discover Biblical truths that are applicable to their everyday experiences.

Culturally Relevant (1 Corinthians 9:19-22)

We value culturally relevant methods of creatively presenting biblical truths to kids and families today. We desire to continually stay in tune with the needs of kids and families in an ever-changing society.

Relational (John 10:11-14)

We value a relational oriented ministry where intentional investment takes place both in and beyond the walls of Calvary. Mature leaders model what it means to be authentic Christ-followers as they spend time getting to know and being known by the kids and families entrusted to their care.

Fun (Psalm 118:24)

We value creating a kid/family-centered ministry where discipleship is fun. We hold to the philosophy that following Christ shouldn’t be boring. In fact, after Calvary Kids programming, we want kids to say to their parents, “Do we have to go home now?”