April 12-13

Our Middle School Ministry will participate in an event called 30 Hour Famine. Students will fast and raise money to provide food for those suffering from hunger related issues. Funds will be given to World Vision, a Christian organiztion that seeks to empower and partner with communities in order to end poverty and injustice. As part of helping World Vision provide food for needy families, students who participate in the 30 Hour Famine will raise money until the event begins. At the 30 Hour Famine Event we will have worship, prayer exercises, interactive group challenges, service projects, and a ton of fun!


The Fast

The 30 hour famine is an event that is centered on students fasting for 30 hours.  The last meal that students will eat will be lunch on Friday, April 12th. They will end the fast Saturday evening at 6:30, April 13th. For more information that you will want to know about the fast click here!


In addition to registering for this event, you will need to make an account with World Vision. Fundraising takes place through this account. You will be able to distribute your fundraising link to anyone who would like to donate to your student’s goal. You can create an account through the link below.


Date & Time

Drop off: April 12, at 5:45pm

Soup Dinner: April 13, at 6:30pm Parents Welcome!!

Students will be dropped off at the Boulder Campus on Friday, April 12th at 5:45pm. Students will sleep overnight at the church. We will spend the day Saturday doing service projects and interactive games. We will break the fast at 6:30pm with a Soup Dinner. Parents are encouraged to attend the dinner. After dinner is finished on Saturday we will be done!


Boulder Campus

Weekend Policy

Due to the nature of this event, it’s important that students are involved for every part of the famine. This means that students will not be allowed to leave for any part of the weekend. For all intents and purposes, 30 Hour Famine will function like a middle school retreat even though it’s local. We believe this will create a space for your student to experience the event to its fullest and will make the environment excellent for all those there.


$5 – This provides a t-shirt for every student. Please indicate t-shirt size when registering.

Packing List

Bible, journal, overnight clothes, jacket, clothes for Saturday, personal items, air mattress/sleeping pad, blanket/sleeping bag, toiletries. No snacks 😉


Contact Jake Baur in Boulder

Contact Natalie Maggert in Erie

Soup Volunteers

To help make our soup feast amazing, we need your help. We are going to need lots of large pots of soup and bread for dipping. Please sign up through this link if you are interested in helping: Soup Signup 2024

Here are some important considerations for bringing a soup:

  • Don’t bring spicy soup (hard on the stomach)
  • Don’t bring soups that are overly greasy or fatty (sausage, heavy oils, etc.)

*Remember that students are breaking a 30 hour fast and will need to eat food that is easily digestible. Thanks!


Middle School Ministry | Digital Device Policy

Middle school students are not permitted to bring digital devices with a screen and/or have wifi capability on trips (Maranatha and Winter WKND). This includes cell phones, tablets, smart watches, etc. 

Humans were designed by God to flourish when we have connected relationships with Him, other people, nature and ourselves. The trips we take are strategically designed to give students opportunities to grow their connection in each of these relational areas and structured so that students will never need digital devices. Devices can be distracting and can create access to inappropriate content while students are away from home. 

If a student needs to call home, they will have access to their cabin leader’s and other Calvary staff members’ phones to use.  

If a family feels strongly about their student taking a phone then it will be checked in and held during the trip by their cabin leader.


Contact Jake Baur in Boulder

Contact Natalie Maggert in Erie