This event will be an awesome time of fun and relationship! We will compete in several Nerf War games and find our 2022 Nerf War champion! There will also be snacks provided and a message given (so be sure to eat dinner beforehand).


April 1, 5:30–8pm


Calvary Bible Church
Boulder Campus
3245 Kalmia Ave., Boulder, CO 80301


Every current 6th to 8th grade boy is invited!

Bringing a Friend

We are encouraging every student to bring at least 1 friend. At the end of this boy’s event we will combine the number of students who attended this event and the girl’s Beauty Ball for these three prizes:

  • 150 students: Jake, Chris, and Saolomon don’t shave until May 1.
  • 200 students: Jake, Chris, and Saolomon will video themselves eating habanero peppers.
  • 250 students: Jake, Chris, and Saolomon will video themselves doing a polar plunge in a mountain lake.


$5 per student. Covers games and snacks.

Nerf Guns and Ammo

Students can bring their own Nerf gun. Bring ammo at your own risk.
*Students are allowed to bring Nerf Rival guns as well
*No Dart Tag guns or ammo will be allowed.

Eye Protection

Every student will be required to wear eye protection. Please bring safety glasses if you have them.