Out of 130 Days of Prayer, we believe Go3 is the will of God for our future—the launching of a third campus of Calvary Bible Church.

Watch Pastor Tom’s third campus update on February 23.

We prayed… and then God moved.

January 2019

Sensed God was calling Calvary to pray as a church for 130 days.

June 2019

Celebrated 130 years of God’s faithfulness to Calvary at Macky Auditorium and announced God’s leading to start a third campus.

Asked congregation to continue to pray for God’s leading (Go3 Initiative) as we did not know where this campus would be.

Elders commissioned investigatory teams to look into what the Boulder, Erie and third campus could need for continued ministry and report back in October.

October 2019

Investigatory teams reported their finding to the Elder Board with a recommendation that God could be leading us to Thornton.

Team connected with local civic leaders, schools, developers, and pastors in the Thornton area.

January 2020

Congregational meeting at the Erie campus to update Calvary on the work of Go3.

Third Campus team made initial contact with The Gathering Church in Thornton and invited them to our congregational meeting.

Calvary Elders and Pastors met with The Gathering Church for prayerful discussions.

February 2020

On February 9, The Gathering Leadership presented the motion to gift Calvary Bible Church their building and assets in whole for the continuation of fulfilling the great commission to their congregation.

On February 23, The Gathering Church voted and passed the motion with enthusiasm to become Calvary’s third campus!

Third Campus FAQs

Why launch a third campus?

We believe a third campus in another city is how God is leading us to continue to make disciples and extend the gospel. Our vision is to go to an area that is underserved with the gospel and be a local church that impacts its surrounding community.

Why Thornton?

There are 400 people who call Calvary home that live to the south and east of the Erie campus. The Elders commissioned an investigatory team to look at this area and determine, based on projected growth and existing infrastructure, where the best possible location would be for a third campus. After much diligent work, Thornton was determined to be that place. Adams County is currently the fastest growing county with lower taxes, a better cost of living, and a vision of creating places of work next to residential areas to encourage community.

How will staffing be determined?

We desire to have a core group devoted to the mission of God in the Thornton area and committed to the community. The staffing of the third campus will partly depend on the demographics of those who go and that of the developing church there. Additionally, we want to think beyond the hiring of staff to raising up and empowering leaders within our current congregation. A campus pastor/leader has not yet been determined, but no matter who that person is or how the preaching is structured, the leadership is committed to having biblical teaching consistent with what we have now in Boulder and Erie.

What programs will be offered?

Our campus ministries are primarily a reflection of the community needs which have yet to be determined. However, Calvary is committed to launching the new campus with family ministries for children and students, community life ministries for adults, and community outreach ministries in an effort to be the best church we can for the City of Thornton.

Where will we meet?

The Gathering Church in Thornton has gifted their building and assets to Calvary for our third campus.

When will the Thornton campus open?

We are still prayerfully targeting a Fall 2020 launch.

What are our next steps now that we have a building?

Calvary will continue the due diligence work of building inspections, property assessment, and the transfer of ownership for the next couple of months (March and April 2020). 

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.”

Matthew 28:19-20


We believe a third campus in another city is how God is leading us to continue to make disciples and extend the gospel. There are 400 people who call Calvary home that live to the south and east of the Erie campus. God has given us a building in Thornton and we think the third campus could be launched in Fall 2020.


In order to develop more leaders and get ready to launch a third campus, Erie now offers 3 services at 8am, 9:30 & 11am to open up more seats. Boulder will continue to build up the 3 existing services at 9am in the Worship Center & Classic Calvary, and 10:30am in the Worship Center.


We think there are more phases of building projects ahead for us in the future on both of our campuses in order to accomplish what God wants us to do in our communities long-term.

Watch the December 2019 third campus announcement from Pastors Tom and Thomas.

Watch the announcement from Pastor Tom at our 130 Years Celebration.


Go3 is our response to 130 days of prayer together to reveal His will for our next season. We invite you to pray with us. We don’t have any ambition to do something if God isn’t in it.


Some of us will be called to go to a new place to make disciples. It may be your part to go.


Launching and resourcing a third campus and funding building projects will require all of us to give faithfully and generously of our financial resources.