Connect with God, the church, and your purpose

Introducing Basecamp

For a number of years we have wanted to create both a curriculum and an experience that would help Christ followers at Calvary be immersed in the foundational truths of our faith. It is a 10-week journey of learning through study and interaction around the core tenets of our Christian life. It is designed for your personal growth, as well as for the deepening of our church family. Our prayer is that Basecamp will be a transformational experience of knowing and loving God more deeply with your small group. Spiritual life change happens best in the context of relationships.

Pastor Tom

The journey starts here. Basecamp is your first step into community. Connect with God, the church, and your purpose in this 10-week experience.

Starting June 13, Erie Campus

Weeks + Topics

1. What is Basecamp?
2. How does God speak to us?
3. Who is God?

Sharing Experience

4. Why do we need a Savior?
5. Who is Jesus? 
6. Who is the Holy Spirit?

Prayer Experience

7. How should we live?
8. How does God view money?
9. Why is the Church important?

Serving Experience

10. What is our mission?

Preview a daily devotional:


What is Basecamp?

Beyond a program, a Bible study or a small group, Basecamp is a tool to help us experience living out a disciple-making way of life. Basecamp will provoke questions and conversations that lead us into a deeper understanding of who God is, why we need Jesus, and how to live out our faith in a way that is honoring to the Lord. Basecamp is the next step in our journey towards Jesus. Our goal for this experience is for us to grow in our connection with God, His people, and our understanding and knowledge of Christ.

What is the difference between Basecamp and LifeGroups?

Basecamp is the first step into community in a LifeGroup. Our hope and prayer is that your Basecamp group at the end of the 10 weeks becomes your LifeGroup.

Is there a cost?

Basecamp is free and the workbook is provided for you.