Prayer Guide

February 20
"Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done." (Matthew 6:10)

February 24
• Pray for student leaders for wisdom, energy, and clarity of mind.
• Pray for the winter retreat - salvations, worship, scripture study, and travels
• Students in Boulder and Weld counties, that they may think and act clearly, and come to seek Jesus.
• Pray for students connected to Calvary in Boulder and Erie, that they may be filled with the Spirit.

March 3

This week pray...
• through Psalm 127:1-2
• for family relationships to be strengthened
• for healthy marriages to be healthy and built up
• for safety and spiritual growth on the women’s retreat
• for Thy will to be done at Calvary

March 10

This week pray...
• humility in our hearts as we walk with God daily
• opportunities to show mercy and kindness where we work, live, and play
• The 6:8 Project weekend (May 3-5) at Calvary
• God’s justice to bring freedom and life through our partnerships in Lebanon, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Brazil
• God’s will to be done in your life, at Calvary, and around the world

March 17

This week...
• pray through Psalm 46 in a quiet place where you can be still
• thank God for all the good that He has done in your life and at Calvary
• praise God and ask Him to exalt His name through your life
• ask God to strengthen those who you know are going through suffering and trials
• pray for the preparations of the Easter Egg Hunt. Ask God to draw many families who need to hear the gospel.

March 20
One Church Prayer & Worship Night [details]

March 24

This week pray...
• through Ephesians 4:31-32, that the fruit of the Spirit would replace bitterness, wrath, anger, clamor, and slander in your own life
• for God to show you the areas of your private world that he wants you to confess and give you the courage to take steps to change
• for God to give you a heart of kindness, mercy, and forgiveness to those around you
• for the leaders of our country, communities and church to be men and women of character
• for our high school students as they go on the Ironman Spring Break trip, that God would capture their hearts and bring life transformation

March 31

This week pray...
• through Matthew 16:13-20 and Romans 16:1, thank God that he has given us eternal life through his son Jesus
• that the Holy Spirit would convict and convince our neighbors, friends and family that Jesus is the Christ, the Savior of their lives
• for God to awaken our community’s desire to seek him this Easter season, pray specifically for those you’ll ask to join you for the Easter Egg Hunt and/or Easter services
• for the big C church around the world to be strengthened and stand for Jesus
• for our children’s ministries as they prepare for the Egg Hunt, Kids Week, and Summer Serve, that God would raise up leaders to make disciples in children’s lives

April 7

This week...
• give thanks to God for His many acts of compassion and provision in your own life
• ask God to reveal the ways he has gifted you to serve others
• pray for opportunities for you to use those gifts and serve others this Easter season
• pray for people to see God and develop a hunger for Him through Calvary’s good works, that God would receive glory and attention in our communities
• pray for the Easter Egg Hunt, that God would use this to reach families in Boulder and Erie, and that many people would be saved

April 14

This week...
• praise God in advance for the wondrous works He will do this Easter
• pray against God’s adversary, that he would not hinder what God wants to do this Easter
• pray for boldness and opportunities to invite those you live, work and play with to Easter services
• pray that children would respond to the Easter story shared at the Easter Egg Hunt
• pray for many people to receive Jesus and be saved

April 21

This week...
• praise God for raising Jesus from the grave, and conquering death for all
• praise God for winning life for all who would call on Jesus’ name
• praise God for freeing you from sin, and giving you the fullness of life with Him
• pray for us to live out of God’s love

April 28

This week...
• through Psalm 23
• that God would give you stillness and rest
• for those around you that are restless to experience God’s peace
• for God to lead our community into righteousness
• with the church as we prepare for The 6:8 Project

May 5

• praise God for all the ways that He has blessed us over the past few weeks, for opportunities to serve others where you live, work, and play
• pray for God to multiply the work that was done at The 6:8 Project
• praise God for the work that was celebrated at the Annual Business Meeting
• pray for the new officers of our Elder Board; pray for their wisdom, clarity and leadership
• pray for God to reveal what He is calling us to do next