Encounter High School Ministry - Boulder Campus


Sunday Morning 10:30-11:45am :: Third Floor on the Boulder Campus

Why Crave?
If you were to ask me right now, "Seth, are you hungry?" Chances are I'd probably say "yes" – because my appetite hasn't depleted with age (and why I'll soon begin to grow more sideways!) Our Sunday mornings in high school ministry are built around the idea that each of us craves in a deep way, whether we know it or not, God's love. We need it! We are all broken people. We struggle with identity, image, relationships, purity, sex, alcohol, drugs…you name it and chances are we have someone in our group who has struggled with it. We crave something to satisfy us in our brokenness.

What's the answer?
Well, to be entirely cliché, but 100% accurate: Jesus. Jesus said he is "the way, the truth, and the life" and that no one gets to God except through him. He also said he was the "bread of life" and that whoever drinks from his well will no longer go thirsty.

What's the problem?
We live in a world that has much to offer. Instant access, more of everything, lose what you don't like, get what you want, the world is at our fingertips…and frankly it's hard to pass up. Satan has turned our appetite for God into a craving for the world. That's how he grips us. At CRAVE we strive to look past what the world offers, and to find some meaning to life through God's unbroken word, to find relevance for high schoolers and challenge them to live by it, that in the end they rest in the satisfaction of Jesus Christ alone.

Our time is interactive, discussion oriented Scripturally based. Students get the opportunity to voice questions, thoughts, and respond to each other in both large and small groups. We watch videos, have some worship, and enjoy a good challenge from God's word.

Wednesday Night Thing (WNT)

Wednesday, 7-9pm :: Third Floor at the Boulder Campus

When I was growing up I had a teddy bear who was my best pal, but despite all efforts to make him talk, our relationship was very monologue driven…humorous at times but unfruitful.

If you were to ask anyone who has flourished in life and in their faith, despite whatever circumstances, what the key components to their growth were, undoubtedly they would say something about authentic relationships (let's face it…Teddy bears just don't cut it).

Our home groups is our attempt not at running a program, but simply at creating an environment that allows students to do life together through small groups and mentoring. If we see each other each week, but don't do life together, chances are that our questions will be as deep as the Platte River in the Nebraska dry season (about one foot deep at best – I can say these things because I lived there!). We eat snacks, enjoy laughter, watch a video, then break into small groups for discussion.

The last Wednesday of every month the home groups meet together for a large group activity that they can invite their friends to. We do things like X-Treme Challenge, Jump Street, bowling, laser tag….you know…cool things that students like! Join us!